Porcelain Crowns

In most cases, a crown is needed to preserve a tooth once there has been extensive damage due to either decay or fracture. A tooth that has undergone root canal treatment also requires a crown for strength and stability. Without a crown, the tooth may last only a short time before it is damaged beyond saving.

A crown is basically a cap that covers the outer portion of a tooth. In order for your crown to be as beautiful, functional, and durable as possible, Dr. Mitchell will determine which crown material will be best for your specific case. Our crowns are made of ceramic, metal, or a combination of the two. Our local lab creates each crown to match your surrounding natural teeth, with a unique blend of color, shape, and size.

During your initial consultation at our Irving dental office, Dr. Mitchell will discuss the status of your oral health, and review all current images and X-rays of the tooth and supporting structures of the mouth. Ensuring a strong foundation — strong tooth roots, optimal bone, and healthy gums — will safeguard your crown’s longevity.

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